think beautiful, think different, think cultural

here i am again! i couldn’t resist without blogging, so welcome to my new project:

an archive-blog of images that should unfold my personal cult of women and interest for gender bending, namely my aesthetics.

you see that, despite the number of pages, this is a simple and not particularly demanding thing, basically in order to put pics that i find interesting on line instead of saving them in my pc. i know some would like to see me committed to more qualified subjects, but honestly i do that everyday in my work projects, so i prefer something lighter when i write on internet.
i am not expecting a huge traffic, but it would be nice if some want to drop a comment and share the voyeuristic pleasure of admiring bodies and souls. everything is going to be done with the purpose to have fun, but that won’t prevent me from sharply commenting when that is necessary.

p.s.: header is a pic of the mythical gia carangi (1960-1986).

everything is under construction and you know my geological rhythms, so be patient!


viola di mare highlights

just ignore the horrible music by a horrible italian singer – who unfortunately is still a L-icon (in the closet) for many italian lesbians -, breath… and enjoy it! you can read the plot here.

i am back!

hey, i am back! after months i finally have some concentration again to post… i don’t know if i will be able to recover some audience, but at least i will have some fun again posting about – inside and outside – beautiful women! so as a first sign of my return let me post a very beautiful ’70s polaroid of a young farrah fawcett shot by andry warhol… i love farrah’s expression in this pic, less forced than usual to show a hollywood supersmile!

farrah fawcett by andy warhol

amanda moore in leather

hello! i am still alive, i have just have been very busy in the latest couple of weeks and also a bit sick.
nothing better for being back than posting one of my fave pics ever of my old love amanda moore. that shot must be taken from a 2001-2002 editorial for italian mag ‘la repubblia delle donne’ and shows amanda at her best, a tender fierce tomboy. too bad that later she cut her hair and ended up in a too masculine side for my tastes. no need to spend too many words on the fact that she was the first proper gay model i heard about, one of the few outed.

déjeneur sur l’herbe revisited

kate moss meets édouard manet

here i am! long weekend is over and i am back to routine… even if i am not yet at home, so i can’t update sections. meanwhile, as a sign of life, get this intriguing version of édouard manet’s painting revisited by mario sorrenti for a 1998 campaign. that is when i like advertising, unfortunately that happens rather rarely. i like it when advertising plays with genders rules, but recently it has become more and more boring and embarassing, like a poor use of nudity and (hetero)sexual(ist) references has taken the place of creativity. so why do i like this pic? i like the artistic reference of course, but most of all i like the subvertising of roles, plus the choice of colours and the elegance of the composition. add kate moss at her best. i love kate moss, that’s the truth, i love her as a model. she reminds me of jeanne moreau, another icon of mine, and i prefer her chamaleontic enigmatic face to the superbeauties of the previous supermodels. i know i am in the minority, but in the art of modeling i never ask for flawless beauty. more on kate moss in the future.
and if you want to have fun going through revisitations and quotations of manet’s masterpieces, have a look here.

the fabulous tennis of amélie, goodbye

i think today i have lost oine of the few left reason to watch nowadays women’s tennis: amélie mauresmo (born 1979), the last romantic, announced her retirement from tennis circuit. her career had slowly fallen down in the latest years, due to various injuries, and she hasn’t won as much as she could do, also due to her long-lasting fragility, but her tennis style has always been magnificent, a triumph of classic elegance in this era of unstylish monotonous ball-beaters (<– does it sound as double meaning?!). moreover, she has always been a proudly outed lesbian, an example for everybody. vive la mauresmo!!

chiara baschetti by lukas dvorak

hello, here i am. still a bit busy, so a short entry today in order to inform you that i updated all the canon pages… just a few lines and a few pictures, but at least there are no more empty pages!

let me just post this beautiful picture of italian model chiara baschetti, that i have followed for a few years and i am always pleased to celebrate in her most gender daring images. usually they use her in more traditional ways, especially for catalogues and classic brands, since she looks rather classic compared to aliens and post-cold war colleagues, but there are a few shots where she looks like a refined version of amanda moore (about which expect a huge gallery in the sapphic section).

angela lindvall

sunday morning, no time for pirelli part 2, so i will limit myself to share a very beautiful candid of american top model angela lindvall (born 1979) taken in paris some fashion week ago. you may find it weird that i post this picture instead of a ‘patinata’ picture, namely one of those perfect glamour flawless pictures that are typical of fashion photography – and which, in my opinion, smell like death spirit, being absence of flaws absence of life… but this picture of a tired lindvall with dishevelled hair, no make-up and precocious wrinkles well in evidence (ah those models, how early they start to age…), this picture looks so sexy to me! miau! btw, i don’t know about other galaxies, but i think lindvall is one of sexiest women on planet earth…  so expect a gallery about her.

angela lindvall during a fashion week in paris